Urban Tails Treats is a family-owned small business that was born out of a family’s love for their rescue pups and cats. A bunch of siblings who had numerous dogs and fosters throughout their lives and a father looking for something to do during retirement came together to learn more about the types of treats that they would give their dogs and fosters while training. That led to a journey of learning the route of where the meat we feed ourselves and our animals comes from.

Based out of NYC with rescue and foster pups from all over the country, Urban Tails Treats brings dog and cat treats and chews back to basics and brings a taste of the wild to NYC dogs and cats. Through local farmers markets, we have fostered relationships with small family-owned farms to procure free-range and pasture-raised meats to curate small batches of single-ingredient farm fresh dog jerky, treats, and long-lasting chews.

While our treats are formulated for the maximum benefit of your dog, we also strive to be as sustainable as possible and make sure nothing goes to waste. Every week fresh farm-to-dog bowl treats that you wouldn’t normally come across are being carefully crafted. We take great care to ensure that our jerkies and chews are minimally processed, preservative, and chemical-free and as close to their natural state as possible. They might be a little fuzzy, a little feathery, and can range from anything from faces to feet and guaranteed to send your pups and cats right back to their wild roots.