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Urban Tails Treats

Can You Ear Me Now - Farm Fresh Goat

Can You Ear Me Now - Farm Fresh Goat

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Get ready for your pet to hoof it to treat time because these chews are like being front row at the comedy club, only without the 2 drink minimum. You’ll get a kick out of watching your dog or cat bound around, tail wagging, and eyes sparkling with delight when their wild side starts to show. The fur? Well, that’s the gourmet jungle gym of our dog and cat chews. It’s not just a snack, it's an obstacle course, a furry challenge for their jaws and teeth. It’s like a dental workout and a tasty reward rolled into one.

These chews are made from pasture-raised goats straight from the farm. Just like a well-practiced one-liner, these treats are single ingredient, crafted in small batches to maintain their wild integrity, and are never subjected to any chemical treatments. They are like the stand-up comedians of the chew world, with each ear being its unique punchline. And the best part? They're a top-notch source of fiber for healthy digestion. Talk about a gut-busting performance!

These fun chews are ear-resistible and goat-ally delicious. Let your pet horn in on the fun because they’re going to insist that they’ve goat to have more!

Each piece is crafted by hand with love, so expect a little size diversity in this artisanal symphony.


Alright, let's chew the fat on this one! Here's the scoop: we're aiming for 15-20 minute chewing sessions, folks. But here's the twist – we've got a "paws on" policy for this show. When your furry friend's about to embark on a new chewing adventure, it's like their grand debut on Broadway, and you're the director. Your front-row seat means you've got the inside scoop on your dog's chewing chops and dental dynamics. So, roll out the red carpet of supervision and make it a duet when treating your pup to chews. 

You’re the expert on your dog’s chewing prowess and their toothy terrain, so bring your A game in supervision and participation when treat time rolls around. When it comes to those tough, bone-crushing chews, make sure your dog has the jaw power, tooth strength, and the patience of a saint to handle them before they go full carnivore. If any sharp edges or unexpected or dangerous chomping acrobatics make an appearance, it’s like pulling the emergency brake - remove the chew pronto for the safety of all involved. Remember, no chew is a dental superhero, so keep those toothbrushes and dental appointments on the calendar!

Oh, and don’t forget the refreshments! Like any good show, this one should come with a heavy hand of drinking. Water of course! Hydration, my friends, is the key to a standing ovation-worthy chewing performance.


Keep all these yummy treasures in a cool, dry hideout. Dry treats and chewed-on chews don’t like being sealed up in plastic containers that can trap moisture and allow gross stuff to grow. So let your chewed-on chews breathe, and soak up the spotlight to get that suave dry look. Then, it’s back to their cool, dry hideout where they can recharge until their next mission.

Because we steer clear of preservatives and chemical pesticides, these treats are too good for your pet to pass up and while it is a rare occurrence, the same could go for the insect elite. So, like anything else in your home that you would like to keep critter-free, make sure to keep these goodies tucked away, out of reach from any curious crawlers.

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