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Urban Tails Treats

Fido Had a Little Lamb

Fido Had a Little Lamb

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When Fido is enjoying a little lamb, he’s not just enjoying a tasty treat: he is channeling his inner wild predator and is ready to conquer the day with the energy and nutrients of a true champ. “Fido Had a Little Lamb” is the perfect pulmonary paradise for your dog’s taste buds. It is a breath of fresh air that lets you know that your pet is getting the gastronomic triumph of the animal kingdom and the equivalent to a Michelin star meal all in one small nutrient-dense snack.

You can rest easy, knowing that your furry friend can inhale the flavor and exhale the satisfaction of these delicious treats because our lamb are not raised or processed with chemicals. Farm fresh, pasture-raised lamb means that the meat is as natural as a field of daisies on a sunny day. No artificial additives or mysterious ingredients here. 

Fido Had a Little Lamb is the “Nature’s Greatest Hits” album in treat form and your dog is the DJ. Fido is not just having a treat, he’s experiencing the VIP Lamb Lung Lounge - a place of pure relaxation and snacking satisfaction. Fido Had a Little Lamb is the snack that will have your dog screaming into the mic “I lung you more than anything else!” 

Caloric Content

3,640 kcal/kg, 7 kcal/treat

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 74.5% min

Crude Fat: 5.3% min

Crude Fiber: 2.5% max

Moisture: 9.2% max

Piece size may vary; nutritional analysis is based on average size treat

Each piece is crafted by hand with love, so expect a little size diversity in this artisanal symphony.


Keep all these yummy treasures in a cool, dry hideout. Dry treats can be sealed in a container. But chewed-on chews don’t like being sealed up in plastic containers that can trap moisture and allow gross stuff to grow. So let your chewed-on chews breathe, and soak up the spotlight to get that suave dry look. Then, it’s back to their cool, dry hideout where they can recharge until their next mission.

Because we steer clear of preservatives and chemical pesticides, these treats are too good for your pet to pass up and while it is a rare occurrence, the same could go for the insect elite. So, like anything else in your home that you would like to keep critter-free, make sure to keep these goodies tucked away, out of reach from any curious crawlers.

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